Liam Hemsworth On Working With 'The Expendables 2' Crew And Getting Kicked by a Famous Foot

EW Inside Movies:

Liam Hemsworth, who has rocketed to fame following his 6.8 seconds of screen time in The Hunger Games, will be making another appearance in a adrenalized action movie this year, albeit one with a little more testosterone and a lot less social commentary. In The Expendables 2, Hemsworth plays Billy the Kid, a new addition to the shoot-‘em-up (bad guys, not steroids) gang headed by Sylvester Stallone. He’s not a kid anymore — the actor is 22 years old — but compared to the median age on set he’s practically a toddler.

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alycakes3202d ago

At least there's going to be one that isn't on Social Security in the movie. I would just worry that while they are filming one of them would have a stroke or heart attack.