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Joss Whedon Clarifies The Avengers Aliens' Identity


Although early screening reactions revealed the long-time speculated identity of the alien invaders of Marvel's The Avengers, Joss Whedon has officially clarified it!

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MinimeJer053352d ago

I wish I knew who they were :(

shadow27973351d ago

From my understanding, that actually seems to be the point. It seems that they're identity isn't important, which is kind of worrying.

NewMonday3351d ago

they are the Ultimate universe version of the Skrulls

if anyone wants a good edgy contained and accessible story featuring the Avengers should read "Ultimats" Volumes 1&2 (but don't go beyond that trust me)

Defectiv3_Detectiv33351d ago

I'm more worried about Thanatos, he's still a villian in this right? Maybe they're just saving him for a big reveal, but they better not make him some generic entity like Parallax or Galactus.

NewMonday3351d ago

do you mean Thanos?

it will be overkill if he is also in the movie, maybe just a set up for a sequel with something tied to him.

the Avengers themselves don't have many specific classic villains that can hold a movie, other than Kang,Ultron and the Masters of Evil many are shared with other heroes, like Galactus and Dr.Doom vs the FF, and Magneto VS the X-Men

maybe they will borrow villains not yet trademarked for the X-Men or FF movies, like the Inhumans

Double_O_Revan3351d ago

I think he's being set up for the sequel. And if thats the case, then I'm more looking forward to the second one, and the first one isn't even out yet. Love the Infinity Gauntlet series.

johnnyvegas3351d ago

Anyone who read The Ultimates and watched the animated Avengers movie, this comes as no surprise seeing as they were the main baddies in those two stories and Joss has even said the movie is seen through the eyes of Cap,", also from the comic and animated movie. Let's get something original Marvel and not just combine the story of Ultimates and Ultimates 2!

NewMonday3350d ago

one good thing about the Ultimates story is that when Thor was introduced his origins were mysterious, some were thinking he was just a delusional super-human claiming to be a Asgard deity, Loki was also there but behind the curtains even readers didn't know the truth, it was brilliant

johnnyvegas3350d ago

yeah, i loved the Ultimates 1 & 2. Never read 3. Just wish they wouldn't rehash the Chitauri. I can already see this movie following the basic script of both the comic and animated movie. Which isn't to say that I'm not going to watch it, because I will, but just wish they would've gone in a different direction since they've used it before.

level 3603351d ago

Joss Whedon is one of my all-time great directors and I think he'll bring a very well rounded approach and entertaining movie to watch. Looking forward to see this film.