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Andrew Garfield Talks The Amazing Spider-Man’s Peter Parker

Total Film:
The American-English actor takes over from Tobey Maguire to front the new franchise, and his take on the character is one of the most appealing hooks of the reboot.

On the chip-on-his-shoulder Peter Parker, Garfield said: ““He’s a lone wolf… Erratic, angry, rebellious.”

So, is the new Parker, who fights back against the bullies, not so much of a nerd, then?

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alycakes3353d ago

I guess he's trying to make Spider-Man's character his own and nothing like the Peter Parker we have known in the past 3 movies we've seen. It will be interesting at the very least.

Soldierone3350d ago

I'd hope so. Amazing Spider-Man talked a little more and was a bit more immature, plus he is in high school now.

Spider-Man, like the other movies, wasn't entirely about Peter Parker so it never really developed that side of the story.