7 High Resolution Images from The Dark Knight Rises

The Collider:
Yesterday we brought you six new images from everyone’s most anticipated movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises, and we recently shared what Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy had to say about the movie and Bane’s pesky voice. But today we’ve got seven images from the film in glorious high resolution. We’ve seen a couple of these before, but this batch is super duper high quality so you can see that big ol’ Bane up close and personal. We also get a couple nice images of Batman being all lonely and dark.

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alycakes3348d ago

We've seen a couple of these but the others are new and very nice sharp images.

m2stech3348d ago

You can even see the wrinkles on Anne's forehead!

alycakes3347d ago

Yeah! That's always good to least we know they're human like the rest of us.

SilentNegotiator3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

I hate the way Bane's head thing looks. It's like Zoidberg got hit by a truck and never removed the shrapnel.

alycakes3346d ago

I know he's the bad guy in all this but I'd still rather look at this face rather than that thing straped across his face. Who knows...maybe he's going to take it off at some point.