Push Start Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Vicki Dolley writes: "The Cabin in the Woods is an intriguing and humorous satire of the horror genre, doing what Scream did for slasher flicks for the cabin-based horror film. We’ve seen it all before in these films – The Evil Dead, Cabin Fever, The Ring etc. A group of teenagers (who could almost make up the cast of Scooby Doo with their stereotypical archetypes) go on a cabin holiday in the middle of nowhere – Curt: the athletic type (Chris Hemsworth), Jules: the blonde party girl (Anna Hutchison), Holden: the studious one (Jesse Williams), Marty: the stoner (Fran Kranz) and Dana: the shy virginal type (Kristen Connolly). All of them hold up solid performances in their roles. They depart in their camper van towards their inevitable ordeal, meeting sinister garage owner Mordecai (Tim De Zarn) on the way. The group feel uneasy with this greeting, but decide not to let it ruin their holiday and drive to the forests to the cabin. After some partying, the group discover that not everything is quite as normal as they thought. So far, so clichéd. But the pleasant surprise here is that there is an external force working against them, controlling their actions in a clever twist on horror film conventions (giving more reason to stupid decisions characters in horror films usually make and playing with conventions in its form and mise-en-scene, such as the typical eerie mist)."

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