LRA: The Dead - Digital Download Review

LRA writes: Directed by brothers Howard J. Ford and Jonathon Ford, The Dead is a true return to that classic zombie formula that George Romero established over almost 45 years ago. While most zombie enthusiasts have spat upon the recent trend started almost a decade ago where zombies suddenly developed the ability to run after their prey, others like myself chose to accept that there were other ways to handle the undead. While I still believe there is a happy medium that has never been fully explored (seriously, if you want to get technical about the mobility of a zombie then upon the first 48 hours they should be limber and able to move about rather easily but once that rigamortis sets in they will be shambling until they get that bullet in the head), the Ford Brothers have decided to go back to what made zombies scary in the first place, creeping evil has returned.

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