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Kevin Feige Talks Thor 2, Cap America 2, Iron Man 3, 2014-2015 Releases & Hulk Sequel

Collider says

With Marvel and Disney’s The Avengers opening around the world in the coming weeks, last night was the world premiere in Hollywood and it was also the first time members of the press were shown the film. As you may have already read on my Twitter feed, I loved it and think Joss Whedon delivered a movie that both fans and casual moviegoers are going to love. Also, it’s really funny and it has the best action of any Marvel movie thus far.

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Crazay3356d ago

I love what Marvel has been doing with their release schedule and the characters they're bringing to the big screen. While reading this I kinda of reflected a bit on poor old DC.

Does anyone else get the impression that DC is just hanging their hats on the animated TV shows, Batman and Superman to keep them relevant outside of the printed comic realm? It just kinda feels like they have very little to no real direction on what to do with their characters and bringing them to the masses on the big screen. No doubt Marvel has seen a huge spike in comics like The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America since the movies.

DC has some great characters outside of Superman and Batman and since they fudged on Green Lantern - it seems like they may be a little shy to move on with other properties.

LivingTribunal3354d ago

I think Marvels strategy is actually doing very well. I haven't disliked a but a few of recent Marvel films such as Ghost Rider. Batman seems like it's the only thing holding DC's films together. Other than that they have no big hitters.

Hoping Superman does some justice. Tired of the Louis Lane love story.