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The Darkest Hour 3D Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Director Chris Gorak‘s 3D sci-fi film that tanked in theaters around Christmas time last year doesn’t have much value on Blu-Ray. The Darkest Hour is still a stinking pile of crap that is barely watchable thanks to Emile Hirsch. Everything else seems rushed, half-baked and copied from another shitty sci-fi film. Alien invaders have never looked so invisible and harmless before. Watching The Darkest Hour is a guaranteed headache inducer that’ll have you pulling your hair out by the end credits."

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alycakes3354d ago

I was wondering if anyone saw this movie and was it any good. It just seemed like a remake of so many invasion movies being made that I didn't bother to see it. I was just wondering if it was worth even renting it or even buying it.