25 New Image From The Avengers

LCMG says

We bring you first this new load of images from highly anticipated superhero flick The Avengers giving us a new look at the destruction, the super heroes and action and more. The Avengers opens in theaters across Lebanon on May 3 in 3D starring Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johanson, Mark Rufallo, Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hidleston and Cobbie Smulders. View the exclusive images below:

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Crazay2567d ago

I didn't post all 25 images but i did grab the best looking ones. I recommend you check them out because there are some amazing images there and in very very good resolution

DarkBlood2565d ago

eyegasim galore, thanks dude :P

alycakes2565d ago

All the images we've seen so far are so darn good that it just makes you want time to go by faster so the movie will get here faster...I'm just so excited about this movie...more than any other movie in a long time.