Rodriguez and Miller to Begin Production on Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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It's official! Dimension Films has announced that Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller will start production on Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dam to Kill For. Here's the full announcement:

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Crazay2569d ago

It;s about time. I can;t wait to see this. The original Sin City was an incredible movie.

alycakes2569d ago

I totally agree on this one. I've been waiting to hear if this was ever going to get done. That first one was awesome and I loved the way they did it like a comic book.

Crazay2569d ago

In my opinion, it's one of the best comicbook movies made. Spiderman, Xmen and all those are great but 300, The Watchmen and Sin City are the very best in the genre.

alycakes2569d ago

Sin City and 300 for sure...I liked Watchmen but I didn't just love it like I did the other two but when they do it in the form of the comic style it's really does come out a lot better and more fun to watch.

-MD-2568d ago

I found Watchmen to be a pretty mediocre film. Sin City on the other hand was great.