Friday The 13th: A Full Body Count

Over the last 30 years Jason has claimed more victims than even imaginable. From random teens, to strange drifters, to diner employees, Jason has eliminated just about everyone to (unluckily) grace the big screen with the masked menace. As a result of Voorhees’ obnoxious kill rate, fans have pondered the villains’ actual body count for decades. I’ve seen numbers ranging from 80 to 190 - there’s a pretty big disparity between 80, and 190. Naturally, this horror freak had to go back and attempt to actually count every kill Jason has had a hand in.

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Best-Horror-Movies2562d ago

I would have guessed Jason killed a lot more people than that.

Soldierone2561d ago

More or less I'm surprised its that high and that he killed 0 in the first. I mean yeah he is a brutal killer, but there are only so many people in each movie.

Legion2561d ago

0 in the first and fifth films.