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New 'Red Lights' Trailer Online

A little while ago you may have seen the Spanish trailer for Red Lights, the new film from Buried director Rodrigo Cortes. Now a slightly-tweaked version is finally online in English, and we've got it exclusively below. Prepare yourselves as Robert De Niro gets irrate with investigator Cillian Murphy.

The plot, as this trailer makes clear, sees Sigourney Weaver and Murphy's characters working together to debunk fake psychics, mediums and faith healers. They target De Niro's Simon Silver - which, we're guessing, turns out to be a Bad Idea.

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alycakes3357d ago

I know I've seen this trailer before but it came out again today on Empire and I felt was worth showing again. This is one of the type of movies that I like to see because these do scare me a little more than regular horror films with all the blood and gore.