Batman And Catwoman Feature In New Images From The Dark Knight Rises


Catwoman loots a safe and Batman iPad?! Hit the jump to check out two new (low-res) stills from Entertainment Weekly's preview of The Dark Knight Rises. And we now have a still of Bane in a brand new costume!

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tarbis2569d ago

I want one of those BadPad =D

Crazay2568d ago

If i see some sort of lame ass product placement showing iOS or the apple logo, I'm walking out. No seriously I am.

darklordzor2569d ago

Good to see more things from TDKR. After the marketing bonanza for The Avengers, it's nice seeing the other 'big one' start to step up too. Hopefully we'll get another trailer soonish.

Crazay2569d ago

I was thinking that the other day - the trailer front for this movie has been awfully quiet.

SilentNegotiator2569d ago

Superman is back at General Zod, Batman's back with catwoman and Bane...

At least Spiderman isn't fighting the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spiderman.

Crazay2568d ago

I really would have loved to see Carnage, Venom or Mysterio in Spiderman. In Batman i much would have rather the Penguin and Harley Quinn. I'll take Bane but Catwoman does very little for me.