New Hulk Image on the Cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Coming Soon:
"Muscle & Fitness" magazine is launching a special Marvel's The Avengers-themed issue next week and they've given us a first look at the new image of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk on the cover! Be sure to pick up the magazine to check out the feature on the workouts of the stars in the film.

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DarkBlood2567d ago

im not sure i can get huge like the hulk with my routine already written out this is pretty extreme workout i must say, i need to find me some gamma radiation lol

alycakes2566d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't mind some of what he's taking except the part that turns him green.

DarkBlood2566d ago

are they saying this issue is coming out next week or in may cuz it said may on the cover

alycakes2566d ago

It's suppose to be out next week which probably means this weekend or starting Monday.

DarkBlood2566d ago

ok thanks, i wouldnt be suprized if they did a man of steel one or wolverine next year lol

aDDicteD2566d ago

nice hulk magazine issue that includes workouts of stars.. hmm.. very interesting indeed

DeadManMcCarthy2565d ago

Finally a Hulk where he looks like the actor instead of completely different.

tarbis2565d ago

umm.. why does the hulk have chest hair?

sly-Famous2565d ago

Becuse he is a man and not a model.

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