Screen Rant: ‘Justified’ Season 3 Finale Review

Screen Rant:
Raylan is hot on the heels of Quarles, who disappeared in the aftermath of last week’s shooting. At the same time, it looks like someone in Boyd’s operation has pointed the finger at him for Devil’s death in the ‘Justified’ season finale: ‘Slaughterhouse.’

To say that this season of Justified was something of a juggling act would be a fairly accurate representation, as long as you imagine a weary Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) keeping multiple criminal organizations, a self-serving BBQ master, and one ridiculously charismatic backwoods super-villain in the air simultaneously.

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alycakes2568d ago

This show doesn't fail to entertain...and this season did just that. I really enjoyed the way it ended because it just put Raylan in another one of those situations that he'll have to deal with next season with Crowder.

Loved the punch line about how he took out Quarles towards the end of the show. If you saw it...then you know what I mean. I had to laugh!