Hi-Res Catwoman Promo Art for The Dark Knight Rises


Things have been fairly quiet on The Dark Knight Rises front, but today this hi-res version of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) promo art for the film made its way online.


The image has been removed at the source link. However, you can still view the image here on FilmWatch by clicking the attached image below.

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Crazay3780d ago

I like the outfit. it looks sharp. I can't stand the woman wearing it though.

Megaman_nerd3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

is just me or they fixed the ears and other stuff? Because I don't remember her outfit looking this good!

Here is the pic since the one from the article was removed:


tunaks13780d ago

looks pretty dam good, a lot better then the previous photos. Can't wait for the film!

Rai3779d ago

nice to see they would the ears on, she would of she been woman without it

Crazay3779d ago

I'm pretty sure those ears are part of her goggles we saw in an early image of her on the bike. Maybe they're IR or something.