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Sticky Trigger's Top 10 Vampire Movies

Sticky Trigger writes: "The modern horror genre is often gifted with a vampire movie, but in recent years, the classic tale has been diluted so severely vampires are now often sparkly (okay, I got that out of the way early, that’s all im going to say about that particular thing) or characterised with military grade training, weaponry and reinforcement. They’re armed to the teeth (not literally, which is the problem), and seem to rely on guns, swords or emotions to do their bidding.

Im sorry, but that is not a vampire. Or at least, a good vampire. So allow me to bring you Sticky Trigger’s Top 10 Vampire Films. Enjoy..."

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Crazay3355d ago

You and I clearly see eye to eye on ALOT of movies in this list. Though two movies I was a little disappointed to not see was The Lost Boys and Fright Night(Original). HUGE props for tossing Shadow of the Vampire and near Dark in there. Those are 2 incredible movies that alot of people either don't even know exists or no nothing about.

Good list.