Jesus’ Story on Film: Sufferer, Hippie and Revolutionary

Down with Film:
I love Jesus. One of the most influential thinkers in humankind, he’s been in my head since as long as I can remember. Like the directors of these three films, my upbringing was within the circle of Catholicism; Holy Communion, altar boy, confirmation and the second wise man at the nativity; which constituted a live rendition of a verse of “We Three Kings” in the school church. I am pretty well versed in its religion, spirituality and history. It was in the middle of my teenage years that I began to question what my religion meant to me, as the paradox of love that’s created within the church’s teachings confused my moral mind. Yet though I strayed from the flock, Jesus as an icon, symbol, hero and revolutionary remained. He was never likely to go away seeing as I’d spent my first fourteen or so years listening to his words on a daily basis. Having reflected considerably on my own psychological make-up in recent years it has become very obvious that Catholicism and Jesus have prompted morality searches, set behaviours and laid down core beliefs that I still use today. Both positively and negatively.

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