Gary Ross Decides Not To Direct “Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire’; Lionsgate In ‘Shock’


Lionsgate executives and reps around Gary Ross for weeks have expressed confidence that The Hunger Games director would helm the second installment of the book trilogy, Catching Fire. They expected the deal to go down right after Easter weekend. And they even went so far as to privately deny an Internet report that Ross had told the studio at the start of last week that he would not helm the sequel because he didn’t want to repeat himself. Instead, as a Lionsgate exec now tells me, “I am in shock.” Here is the statement by Gary Ross just released by the studio:

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Crazay3360d ago

This is bad news for Lionsgate and for the actors especially if they really enjoyed working with him but I don't think it's a death knell for the series by any stretch and fans shouldn't worry. In my opinion, the 2nd book was darker AND better than the first one. Truthfully, I think I'd like to see David Slade take on the rest of the series. As much as I dislike the Twilight series, the one movie that didn't piss me off to no end was the one he directed, Eclipse. It was edgier than all the rest of them and I think that's what Catching Fire needs.

alycakes3360d ago

It was on the World News station this morning and they said that the problem was a time restraint to deliver the movie be a certain release date that Ross didn't seem possible for the movie to be what it should be.

Crazay3360d ago

Welll the goal is to start filming this fall with a release of next November. The source material is already there they just need to tweak it to make it come across on the screen right. It's April for god sake. there's lots of time to nail the script and get thsi sucker in front of a camera.

i think he's just looking for an out.

DarkBlood3360d ago

are you saying david slade directed eclispe or gary ross?

either way i may have to agree with you thats probably my favourite movie thats the one with the small war with the cullen team up with wolves right?

Crazay3360d ago

Slade did. Yup thats the same one sir.

JL3359d ago

I wouldn't mind David Slade. He could do good with it. He has experience with YA material. His work with Hard Candy also proves he can handle a strong female lead as well as handle visceral material well, along with ratcheting up tension. And he's definitely a slick and stylistic director, which he proved best in 30 Days of Nights.

However, he does have TV shows he's working on. Not sure how involved he still is with Awake. However, he is also doing the Hannibal series.

Also, not sure I'd care for the inevitable "From the Director of Eclipse", further stereotyping Hunger Games as some type of Twilight rip-off or something. I think they need to move well past that stigma. While Hunger Games has done really good at the box office, I think it would have done even better if it didn't have that Twilight stigma behind it. I don't think it performed as well in the long run as it could have. Furthermore, I'd hate to see Slade end up getting pigeonholed as some type of YA director. But, if he does get the job, I won't be mad.

That being said, I'm sure there are others:

Imagine this: Frank Darabont. I would love that. Of course, he's busy with several TV shows, so that's pretty much out.

Or how about Steven Soderbergh? He's already worked as second unit director on Hunger Games, no reason he couldn't step up to the big boy chair. Haywire proved he could handle action and strong female leads. He's proven he can work well on big movies with large ensembles. Movies like Traffic and Contagion also prove he can handle things like social and political commentary with a nice touch. He has even displayed a knack for sci-fi (Solaris).

Joe Wright. Do I really need to say anything more than: Hanna?

Danny Boyle would be an awesome choice too. But, I think he may be too busy to do the prep work on this one. He is finishing post on a movie and is directing the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics this summer.

Cronenberg might not be a horrible choice either. Though he's probably too big for the studio. Plus he may be a bit too mature in his work to be able to do something like this.

Also, I can't help but wonder what Andrew Niccol could do with this when I look at something like Gattaca. Plus his work with The Truman Show, he seems definitely qualified at handling depth and being a stylistic director. Though, he is working on adapting Stephenie Meyers' other work The Host. Though, I can't help but think Hunger Games would be better suited for him if he wants to get into the YA world.

Or how about James McTiegue. V for Vendetta was brilliant. He did very well with that one. I think that makes for a great resume for him to step into Hunger Games.

I'm sure there are plenty others that would be suitable. Like maybe even Gavin O'Connor.

I know one thing though, if I hear fans calling for Joss Whedon anymore I'm going to loss my damn mind.

Crazay3360d ago

This whole ordeal is becoming something of a soap opera.