Hutcherson Says He Couldn't Imagine Making Catching Fire Without Ross

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Over the last week, there have been a lot of rumors stating that The Hunger Games director Gary Ross would not direct the sequel, Catching Fire. Yesterday we learned, however, that Ross was still meeting with Lionsgate to figure things out.

While Ross has not officially signed on for the follow-up to the film that has earned an impressive $463.7 million worldwide, talked to Josh Hutcherson today who says he couldn't imagine doing the next film without the filmmaker.

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alycakes2567d ago

I don't think anyone wants it made without Ross. I really don't think Ross will leave. I think Lionsgate will continue to work with him and the others. The Hunger Games was too successful to take it lightly. Ross had to have had something to do with that and they know it.

alycakes2566d ago

I guess now he's going to have to do it without Ross. It's really ashame. I hope they don't cut corners and mess up this second movie because it's even more important to the story or at least I think it is.

jerethdagryphon2566d ago

not really there isnt much story to mess up