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Joss Whedon's Reddit AMA Highlights: 'Dr. Horrible' Sequel News, 'Firefly' Fans and Plenty of Jokes

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When Joss Whedon speaks, the internet listens. When they have the chance to ask him questions, they shout to the rooftops.

The producer of this weekend's horror film The Cabin in the Woods and director of the upcoming Avengers has a massive online following thanks to his previous TV work, and once it was announced that he'd participate in an Ask Me Anythng Q&A session on Reddit on Tuesday, questions from mega fans flooded into the site.

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alycakes3357d ago

I would love to talk to him. He's just so interesting. I remember listening to him at Comic-Con in 2010 and was just totally into their discussions. It just amazes me how these people think and how they come up with some of the ideas they have. It really does take over their lives.

gaden_malak3356d ago

I've been wondering, what makes this guy so popular? I don't think I've ever seen a show he's done so I am curious in that regards.

alycakes3355d ago

You never saw Buffy or Angel or Firefly or Serenity? You've never seen any of those tv shows or the movie Serenity?.....Let me see if I understand you correctly....never? He also had something to do with the writing of Toy Story or some other movies but that wasn't what he's known for.

Wow! I can't believe you don't know anything about Joss Whedon...

gaden_malak3355d ago

I was young when Buffy and Angel were on TV and it never appealed to me.

Firefly and Serenity were never shown on TV down here (as far as I know).