Brave Featurette Shows Off New Footage From Pixar’s Next

Bleeding Cool:
Disney’s French YouTube channel is hosting a new Brave featurette, complete with new clips. The focus is pretty sharply held on Merida, the heroine of the film.

My guess is that this clip will be the first in a series of “Brave stories,” likely released weekly, as per the typical Disney interval. I look forward to the one about Kevin McKidd’s characters in particular.

Keep your dial set to Bleeding Cool throughout the week for a few reports on Brave from my recent chat with director Mark Andrews. He was a wriggly interview – there’s a long way to release and a lot of secrets to keep – but definitely an interesting one too.

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alycakes3351d ago

It doesn't matter the language on this one. I know that anyone that sees it will probably love it. I'm so excited about this one. I think I even have my husband almost in agreement that he'll see it with me. Every time I see the preview on tv I make a big deal about it and he knows I'm going but he's paying more and more attention now.