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Untold 'Spider-Man' Origin Will Unfold Over 'A Few Movies,' Director Says


Director Marc Webb's "Spider-Man" won't just be amazing, it'll do something no "Spider-Man" movie has ever done before: tell the untold origin of Peter Parker.

Indeed, the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Peter's parents will have a big role to play in Webb's "Amazing" reboot, though don't expect that entire story to be told in the upcoming summer blockbuster—the filmmaker has plans to keep mining that well in future movies to come.

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Soldierone3356d ago

I can't tell if they got it right or not from these comments, however he is somewhat right. The other movies were Spider-Man, and those comics somewhat jumped to events faster thus the movies did it too.

This series is called The Amazing Spider-Man which has a TON more character development and things going on. It has a lot more to live up to.

I like how he mentioned the parents, and most importantly that there is no wrestling match. However the thing I don't like is the focus of his parents leaving. When Spidey first got his powers in Amazing Spider-man he was mean. He was mean because everyone was mean to him and now he can do something about. Then his "let" his uncle die and it changed his mind.

DarkBlood3355d ago

but if he had known the killer was going to shoot guy and then stop him before hand would peter still be mean then? or can it only take a death of someone you love to change

and since i figured your a big spidey fan lol, i wanted to ask if you can clarify this quote for me

"but maybe it's not a radioactive spider. Or maybe it is! You'll have to see."

as i understand fiction and nonfiction of science, doesnt it have to be radioactive to even effect you in some unique way?

otherwise how does a regular spider bite do anything but kill you if its posion

Crazay3355d ago

I don't think that they're going to deviate too much from the whole "Radio-active Spider" thing by too much if at all even. I'll have to go back and look again but I was pretty sure that we saw Peter in some sort of Laboratory (presumably Dr.Connors') and there were spiders in there.

I'll have to talk to my buddy Optimus Spidey (XBL gamertag) about this stuff. he's the spider-man expert...I mean he's got a comic collection worth well over 200K and they're all Spider-Man comics.

Soldierone3355d ago

I was wondering that too and I remember that they used to call the spider an "insect" instead. It wasn't a Spider that made them call him Spider-Man, it was Stan-Lee that thought of it after he saw a Spider capture a fly in his office.If they were to play by the same rules, maybe Peter notices it in his room or something. Overall though it just makes sense to make it a Spider for obvious reasons.

In regards to your other comment I don't think the move for his uncle is what made him suddenly care. If you pay attention Spidey is always a smart ass when he is fighting or doing anything. I think the issue with his uncle just made him realize he has to do good instead of bad, because being the person he is he can't be like everyone else. And the whole uncle thing would obviously hit him pretty hard too.

(Amazing Spider-Man came because Spider-man's first appearance was in Amazing Fantasies 15, and they wanted that connection. )

DarkBlood3355d ago

thanks for clearing it up some guys, much appreciated.