Star Ryan Merriman To Play Fellow Dodger Dixie Walker In Jackie Robinson Biopic '42'

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If anything, the success of "Moneyball" last year has certainly brought about the revitalization of baseball-centered dramas. There's been no shortage of great ones in the past, from"Bang The Drum Slowly" to "Field Of Dreams" to The Natural," and now with the Clint Eastwood-led "Trouble With The Curve" and the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," we're definitely in for a fair slice of the genre in the near future.

"42" -- written and to be helmed by Brian Helgeland -- has now added another name to its roster with "Pretty Little Liars" star Ryan Merriman set to play Dodgers right-fielder Fred "Dixie" Walker in the groundbreaking story. An early skeptic who reportedly asked to be traded after Robinson's recruitment, Walker went on to be a supporter of Robinson, playing alongside him all season and describing him "as outstanding an athlete as [he] ever saw."

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JL2571d ago

What's cool is this is being filmed here where I live. They're renovating this old minor league stadium we have here and everything. I'm gonna have to try to get down there and check it out.

alycakes2570d ago

I'm jealous....just think...they're going to be calling for extras to come in and work for the film for a lot of the days that they film....

JL2570d ago

Yeah, I imagine they'll need tons of extras. Especially considering they'll need to fill the stadium to shoot games for the movie.