Michael Bay Adds European Actress/Model Yolanthe Cabau To 'Pain And Gain'

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Michael Bay is all about T&A up and coming talent, isn't he? The helmer is continuing the trend, plucking little known Spanish-Dutch actress/model Yolanthe Cabau out of obscurity for his upcoming dark comedy-thriller "Pain And Gain."

Straight from the Michael Bay book of casting female leads (also known as "How To Please Your Male Leads"), Cabau will play the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg's character, one of two Miami Beach bodybuilders along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who kidnapped, robbed, and left for dead a wealthy Florida businessman, played by Tony Shaloub. Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Anthony Mackie, Bar Paly and Rebel Wilson also co-star in the film along with the recently added Ken Jeong and Tony Plana.

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alycakes2570d ago

There are a lot of known actors in this movie and I'm still not too familiar with it. Guess I need to find out what it's about. I've been a little out of sorts lately so my mind hadn't been in the game....time to recharge.

JL2570d ago

No way. Michael Bay has hired a model (who most likely can't act) to serve as eye-candy? Wow, I'm shocked.

I'm not one of those people that constantly overly-ridicule Bay, but he does have a problem with doing this all the time. I'd much more prefer a cute girl who can act as opposed to some really hot chick that can't, just so they can do a tilt shot scanning up her legs to a really short skirt.

StarWarsFan2570d ago

Michael Bay sure does like going straight for looks.

alycakes2569d ago

He does have a tendency to do that and get several good actors around that and still come out ahead with a decent movie. Still I wish some people would make him see that you don't need beautiful women to make a good movie.