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To Get Ready for 'Cabin in the Woods,' Here Are The Top 5 Cabin Movies

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Everything from “The Truman Show” to John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is chopped up and blended in the pop culture Cuisinart that is Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s irrepressible “Cabin in the Woods.” But it quite clearly owes a certain debt to a very specific type of horror sub-genre set primarily in a rickety homestead in the forest, one just desolate or decrepit enough to be rife with the possibility of evil spirits, demented madmen, psychic trauma… or all of the above. When Whedon originally came to Goddard with the concept, he gleefully suggested making a “cabin movie.” While “Cabin in the Woods” ended up being much more than that (it's an acidic takedown and euphoric celebration of all things horror), we wanted to briefly cite five of the films that contributed, either directly or through the pop culture ether, to “Cabin in the Woods.”

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alycakes3359d ago

I don't know if I'm ready but I know I'm going to see it. I still have to find someone to see it with...don't think I want to go alone but I might.

StarWarsFan3359d ago

This movie doesn't look that great to me.

alycakes3358d ago

Well, considering that it's just a Joss Whedon movie is really the only reason to see it....then just knowing that it's not going to be a typical kids in the woods at a cabin getting killed but why and who??? It's going to have a different twist to it.