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Battleship Movie Review | Matt's Movie Reviews

An unapologetically patriotic, mammoth sized action spectacle, what Battleship lacks in smarts and innovation it makes up for in pure popcorn entertainment.

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alycakes3356d ago

I probably will see this but not right away. It's not a must on my list. There are so many coming out but I will catch up with it sooner or later.

DarkBlood3356d ago

this movie is already out in theatres?

alycakes3355d ago

No, I don't think it comes out until May 18th. but there's a lot coming out around the same time it does. It will be a time to make choices...

perfectCarbonara3355d ago

Its coming out here tomorrow

DarkBlood3355d ago

ah ok, i was just confused by a review already out so i was figuring out how could i missed the movie release date lol

nathanhale3355d ago

Ir came out already in theaters in some parts of Europe and Asia