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Seth Grahame-Smith Touts New Novel 'Unholy Night,' Discusses Collaborating With Tim Burton

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THR: Who were your influences growing up?

SGS: I grew up in a very book friendly household. My mother was the editor for a small Connecticut publisher. My stepfather was a rare used-book dealer so we had five thousand books in shelves in our basement, which had been converted into a library.

I always loved to read, but when I was twelve I got interested in genre, specifically Stephen King. I read the whole canon, got everything I could get my hands on. Every birthday gift was a new Stephen King or a first edition. I worshipped unapologetically at the altar of Stephen King and still do in way that's probably detrimental to my own development as a writer. It’s always nice to have a variety of influences. I was so mono-focused on one writer, on imitating him, on reading and rereading one writer in particular, everything he wrote no matter he wrote that's my fear. I also loved Bradbury and Asimov. I read Koontz and Orson Scott Card.

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alycakes3357d ago

Tim Burton is so strange that we never really know what to expect from him but at the same time he's very talented so you know you're going to like what he does just have to wait and see.