Hulk Is Ready For His Close-Up in 10 New Wallpapers From 'The Avengers'

The Collider:
If you thought we were about to go an entire day without an Avengers story (Iron Man 3 doesn’t count), you were sadly mistaken. We’ve got 10 new wallpapers from the all-star superhero movie to share this evening. Kidding aside, the onslaught of Avengers material wasn’t exactly unexpected. Disney’s massive marketing campaign is in full swing, which means we can look forward to plenty more nuggets of Avengers goodness over the next few weeks. These wallpapers aren’t anything earth shattering, but we do get a super close-up look at Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Spoiler alert: he’s incredibly sweaty.

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alycakes2571d ago

These are some awesome pictures...very sharp!

Crazyglues2570d ago

Yeah these are Awesome....

tarbis2570d ago

Hulk is so bad ass that his pic was posted thrice. LOL!

GamerSciz2570d ago

LoL, the truth is that they have the featured image via wordpress at the top of the post. Then it was posted again in the bottom because they just added the gallery and forget to say don't add that image again. Still, Hulk looks amazing.

SilentNegotiator2570d ago

"Disney’s massive marketing campaign is in full swing"

Oh, that's right....Disney owns Marvel these days. *shivers*

alycakes2569d ago

All there stuff is turning out so cool....hope the movie comes thru with all the WOW power too.