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5 Reasons to Be Excited for Resident Evil: Retribution

Vicki Dolley writes: "The Resident Evil movies have not been without their share of controversy from fans of the games. Many still cannot fathom how it came to be that Paul W.S. Anderson’s script for the first movie was favored over that of zombie-movie legend George A. Romero, inspiration for the original games and director of two Japanese live-action commercials for Resident Evil 2. And whilst the movie versions have changed many characters and events, some for the worse (many still can’t get over the terrifying Nemesis oddly saving Alice’s life in Resident Evil: Apocalypse), some of the abuse hurled at the Resident Evil film series is not always entirely fair. Paul W.S. Anderson is a Resident Evil gamer and does try to inject scenes almost shot-for-shot from the games into the films (see Resident Evil: Apocalypse for a scene pulled right out of Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, or Resident Evil: Afterlife for a reworked version of the reunion with Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5) as well as using the franchise’s classic monsters, characters and locations."

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Mirrikh3160d ago

Five reasons hey.

1. It's being cancelled.
2. They're completely rebooting the series using talented staff this time.
3. It didn't actually happen it's all a dream Jill Valentine had in RE2.
4. Proceeds from the Film will go into making new Dreamcast games.
5. The Films were an evil plot from Wesker to destroy the Resident Evil name but in this Film they stop him in the first five minutes and all go to watch Prometheus.

JL3159d ago

Seems somebody doesn't like the franchise. I've actually enjoyed the movies. I think they're some of the better video game adaptations out there. Always fun to watch, and I'll be checking this one out too.