IGN - Game of Thrones: "The Night Lands" Review

IGN - A big, fat Westerosian welcome to Pyke! Yes, those Ironborn bastards are now officially a part of the opening credits. Also, welcome back to the show, Arya! We got a little end-of-show peek of you last week, which definitely was not enough. And while I'm welcoming things back to the series I should mention that it was nice seeing Ghost again, as well as officially seeing our first White Walker since the opening scene of the pilot episode last year. "The Night Lands" (named after a subtitled line from Daenerys' one, brief segment) was a strong follow up to last week's premiere, but it remains clear that this show is so busy now that, episode to episode, it's going to have to sacrifice certain characters; especially when entire new lands and lords are being brought into the proceedings.

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