Bryan Cranston: 'Breaking Bad' Will Split Final Season

EW says

The question of whether AMC will indeed split the final season of Breaking Bad is close to an official verdict.

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Crazay2569d ago

Oh man - I really hope they don;t make us wait too long before they close it out and June/July sounds like a perfect time to come back on.

Lord_Sloth2569d ago

Rumor is we might not see it till 2014.

Lord_Sloth2569d ago

Doubtful yes, but that's the rumor. We're getting the 1st half this year to be sure. Second half is still up for debate.

Crazay2568d ago

If they were to delay it's final 8 episodes until 2014, it would be an extremely bad decision to do so. making people wait 2 years is BS especially when the episodes are already in the can and ready to go.

Lord_Sloth2568d ago

Just quotin the rumor, man.

-MD-2568d ago

That'd be weak if we had to wait until 2013 to finish out the show.

OSIRUSSS2568d ago

Boo!!! and Dr. Who is pulling the Same BS.