Confirmed: The Official Classification For The Dark Knight Rises


Some (apparent) leaked info from Warner Bros. private Exhibitors website reveals the movie's classification. If this is legit, expect Christopher Nolan's final Bat-flick to up the intensity considerably.

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Soldierone2569d ago

I think that mostly has to do with Catwoman looks and how she acts. Its sensuality, not sexuality and that basically means it arouses you.

Probably a few scenes of Catwoman hanging all over Batman, like always, and ratings (especially in America) will obviously point it out.

Crazay2569d ago

Ya the MPAA is quite conservative when it comes to what it deems as sexuality or violence. Those people were clearly potty trained at gun point when they were children why else would they be so sensitive tho things.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32568d ago

Actually, when it comes to violence they are more liberal than anything. Let one nip slip? R-rating!

tarbis2568d ago

Well, Nolan's film is no Adam West Batman so that was expected. Can't wait to watch this film

Crazay2568d ago

I'd love to see them do a Batman series with a solid A rating. I mean some of the comics have had some really adult oriented themes and violence so why not try a A rated movie?

frelyler2568d ago

The original Tim Burton movie was rated R.

hockeyjockey662568d ago

The 1989 Tim Burton movie was PG-13.

LtSkittles2568d ago

Nah, it wasn't, Returns and Batman (1989) were both PG-13.

frelyler2567d ago

I feel betrayed. I remember wanting to see the movie very bad in theaters. I was told it was rated R and thus I could not go by my parents. I remember when it finally came out on video my mom rented it for me without my dad knowing ( hehe thanks mom). I never followed up and always thought it was rated R. I was only 7 at the time and the internet wasn't around so I couldn't check. Those dirty bastards!

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LtSkittles2568d ago

I'd love for them to do one of the adaptions of one of the graphic novels. It won't won't ever happen, because Warner Brothers don't want their Batman to be the "Goddamn Batman." I think DC is more flexible when it comes to the comics.

MinimeJer052568d ago

Was expecting something surprising like an R or something. This doesn't shock me at all.

ThatArtGuy2568d ago

It's a confirmed question! LOL