Watch The First Five Minutes For Sci-Fi Actioner 'Lockout'

As the release date approaches near, Europacorp uploaded the first five minutes for Luc Besson-produced sci-fi actioner Lockout (formerly MS One: Maximum Security) at its official youtube channel. The opening wastes no time diving face forward right into the action with a small mix of tongue-in-cheek humor. Guy Pearce as a wisecracking anti-hero is a riot.

Starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future, LOCKOUT follows a falsely convicted ex- government agent (Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President's daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at an outer space maximum security prison.

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alycakes3364d ago

This will be a good action flick but kind of reminds me of Escape from New York with Kurt Russell...just more modern.