Gary Ross Leaves 'The Hunger Games' Franchise, Won't Direct 'Catching Fire' Sequel

Indiewire says

While this morning it was reported that Lionsgate and Fox worked out their scheduling issues to allow Jennifer Lawrence to shoot "Catching Fire" and the "X-Men: First Class" sequel essentially back-to-back, it looks like before cameras can start rolling on "The Hunger Games" sequel this fall, the studio will need to find a director. The Playlist has learned that Gary Ross has officially exited the franchise and will not direct the sequel, formally giving Lionsgate and Summit his notice earlier this week, that he will not be coming back.

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Crazay2572d ago

I'm not terribly surprised with this news. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing either to be honest. the movie was good and he did a good job but the unnecessary shaky cam was annoying.

Soldierone2572d ago

The "he is a writer so money isn't an issue" comment made me laugh. They make a good amount of money IF they sell a script, but overall make little to nothing compared to the rest of the jobs during a production an entry level screenwriter your looking at make 30k to sell the script and it makes so much money, but the studios will ALWAYS lowball their overall profit to give you less.

You could go on for a few years before selling another one. So thinking about it, if you sold one scripts yeah 30k is a lot, but you don't sell another right away and that 30k needs to be spread out over several years and suddenly its not so much money. I'm not saying this happens to him, it just made me giggle that "hey he writes stuff so he makes bank, no worries" no no being a writer doesn't mean they are rich at all.