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PG-13 Granted to Bully by MPAA Without Cutting Crucial Scene


The Weinstein Company announced today that the documentary Bully has been granted a PG-13 rating without the cutting of a crucial scene. Here is the full announcement:

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Crazay3360d ago

This is already in theaters here in Canada and people are loving it so far. It's good that the MPAA has gotten it's head out of it's collective butt and changed the rating so it can hit a wider audience. Most notably the audience it's targeted at.

sjaakiejj3359d ago

Happy to hear this. Screenings at schools may make a difference, as it doesn't only show Bullies the damage they do, but it also shows the victims that they're not alone.

Soldierone3359d ago

Before You read on, please remember this is just my personal opinion

personally this isn't going to help, i say this as a person that went through high school and watched bullies in action. It won't show bullies what they do, it will just encourage them. You have to understand they honestly don't care AT ALL about the feelings of the victims. If anything the bully is a no life and wants to put people below themselves, thats why they do it. If you say "hey your making this kid miserable to a point he might kill himself" the bully will just think "Awesome!"

This will only give more bullies ideas, and the other bullies will just laugh at it and not care. if I was a victim of bullying I still wouldn't be interested in this film either.

I don't know if its just my point of view that gives me that feeling or not. I always stuck up for myself, If I got "bullied" I fought back and didn't cry about it, and overall that makes them leave you most cases they treated me like their own after doing it. Most of all get friends that will stick up for you....I always stepped in the middle when my friends were getting bullied. You want to mess with him, then mess with me too and see where that gets you. I mean it, I see someone getting bullied and I will step in and do it right back to them, they don't like it, and any true friend or good human being will be there to help.

I'm not saying its not a problem, but its a problem that won't go away. i honestly laughed when I saw a "cyber bullying" commercial...its like seriously? Go to N4G, do you honestly think any of the people there have the balls to back up half of what they are saying? No, people are not themselves online, accept that, laugh at the idiots pretending to be cool, and move on. If you can't do that, get off the website. Like I said, teach kids how to deal with it, teach them people are bullies because their life sucks and they get mad that yours is better. Show them how every other article on N4G or every video on Youtube has a bunch of nimrods posting negative things and how the comments are not important to the world at all.

I don't know exactly what this movie teaches, I might give it a watch, but I can tell you right now Im going to crtique it to hell one way or another. I'm sure it has good points though, I just hope it teaches kids how to deal with it, and more importantly teach adults how to prevent it....One of the worse things I always used to see is the bully getting his victim in trouble, adults/teachers need to learn how to spot the bully, but most of all how to make sure their own kid isn't one.