Captain America Tells Hulk to Smash in New Avengers Spot

CS says

Following the earlier Captain America-centered TV spot, the new spot for Marvel's The Avengers that debuted in the Avengers Alliance Facebook game is now online as well and can be watched below!

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Crazay2573d ago

That was kill. I love the look of excitement he gets when he;s told to smash. Easily mt favorite TV spot yet.

DarkBlood2573d ago

agreed on the hulk, it makes him that much cooler plus the emotion you see the hulk is in getting to do what he does best

SilentNegotiator2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

This movie is looking good. I just hope not all the combat is the downtown sort of thing....that's kinda been done to death in action movies lately.

SantistaUSA2572d ago

oh man, that was sweeeet! that was epic, cant wait!

Megaman_nerd2572d ago

Honestly, this looks like Transformers and that's not a good thing.

tarbis2572d ago

oh? didn't know The Avengers were robots. Gotta check my comic books again.

Soldierone2572d ago

i see where you are coming from which is why Im purposely not getting excited for it lol I want it to be an awesome experience.

NCAzrael2572d ago

Visually, sure, I can agree with you. And why wouldn't that be a good thing? Visually all of the Transformers movies were great. It was the plot and a lot of the acting that made them fall flat. So far everything that I've seen from The Avengers appears very solid.

By all means, feel free to hold your excitement in check until the movie is released, but don't start forming bad opinions of it until you've seen it for yourself.