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'X-Men' Sequel to Shoot in January, Avoiding Conflict for 'Hunger Games' Star Jennifer Lawrence

THR says

Tensions between the studios were running high last month as Fox was considering filming Lawrence's "X-Men" follow-up in the fall, potentially conflicting with Lionsgate's plans for a "Hunger Games" sequel.

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Crazay3360d ago

This is great news. Something tells me that Fox was waiting to see just how big the Hunger Games were going to be before deciding if they were going to recast Mystique or not. Now that it's a smash success, they want that draw of having Katniss Everdeen still in the role of everyone's favorite mutant blue bombshell.

DarkBlood3360d ago

hell yes i cant wait to see her in both movies she really grabbed my attention

shes definitly my favourite female actress thats for sure

alycakes3360d ago

She's important to both movies so I'm sure they will work around her schedule. I'm glad they are going to make the Xmen sequel finally...I didn't want them waiting too long to do that.