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First Trailer for Stoner Comedy High School Starring Adrien Brody

Collider says

The first trailer for the pot comedy High School has gone online. Co-written and directed by John Stalberg, the film centers on a soon-to-be valedictorian (Matthew Bush) who smokes pot for the very first time, only to find out that a mandatory drug test has been scheduled at school. In a moment of panic, Bush and his friend (Sean Marquette) conspire to spike the school’s bake sale brownies with the help of a law-student-turned-drug-dealer (Adrien Brody) in order to make everyone fail the drug test. The trailer has a couple laughs, and I’ve heard that the full film is quite a bit better than this clip would have you believe. The premise could be a lot of fun, and Brody and Michael Chiklis are nearly unrecognizable as the psycho drug dealer and school principal, respectively. Moreover, it looks like there’s a Thurman Murman cameo, and every movie is automatically improved 100% with Thurman Murman.

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