Captain America 2 Gets an Official Release Date

From TMP:

Disney just sent out a press release with the announcement that they've set an official release date for the follow-up to Captain America: The First Avenger, with some minor details on the film.

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DarkBlood2569d ago

awwww damn too long to wait for me lol

darklordzor2569d ago

Well it's not like we won't see him between now and then. We've still got the Avengers. Then we've got Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 next year as well.

DarkBlood2569d ago

true i guess you could say since cap is my favourite out of the avengers that i want to see more of him

and true about iron man 3 and thor 2 next year as well as the wolverine and man of steel just to throw something in the mix

gonna be another blockbuster movie year again thats for sure

MySwordIsHeavenly2568d ago

They're doing a Thor 2?!? Thor sucked!

aDDicteD2568d ago

2014 that's a very long wait, i don't mind cause there are a lot of marvel movie coming out like avengers and the wolverine as well as thor 2 for next year

Crazay2568d ago

I agree - another 2yrs is too long.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32568d ago

From what history tells us the sequels(part 2s) are usually significantly better than their originals, lets hope so because this is the ugliest batch of movies I've seen in awhile. Thor 2, X-Men First Class 2,Wolverine Origins 2, Captain America 2. My god Marvel, whore yourself out a little more.

I find it sad that top tier talent like Shane Black and RDJ are reduced to making shitty comic book movies, no doubt Iron Man 3 has the most promise out of the whole lot.

aDDicteD2567d ago

x-men first class was a good movie