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Principal Photography Wraps on 'Riddick'; Director David Twohy Poses With The Mercs

David Twohy:
So our business here is done — principle photography, anyway. It was a challenging schedule we had for this latest installment of RIDDICK – a scant 47 days – but we managed to get what we needed (and more), thanks to a skilled crew and a gifted and willing cast. I’m packing up now to return to L.A. after five months here, but the memories of Montreal are already piling up in my head in a way that I know will haunt me, happily, for years to come.

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alycakes3363d ago

I am so glad they finally got this done. I guess now it's time to just go thru it and see what they have to do to edit and reshoot scenes or whatever it is they do in post production.

darklordzor3363d ago

I'm just hoping it's good. I loved the Riddick movies and want this to succeed.

alycakes3362d ago

I liked them too so I hope this one meets our expectations.

darklordzor3362d ago

Yeah I never disliked the 2nd like most people seemed to. I actually really enjoyed it and will still watch it.