Should You Reboard Titanic?

ClickOnline writes: "It’s had been a, frankly remarkably, 15 years since Titanic first hit cinemas. Now it’s back, with some extra 3D frills and the promise of more millions to be made at the box office. But should you step aboard once more?"

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rataranian2572d ago

I mean I want to see a 20 something yr old Kate's boobs in 3D. I really do. ..really.
But, I don't know if I can sit through Celine Dion's gawd awful voice again after it took so much rehab and counseling to block it out of my mind the first time.

MySwordIsHeavenly2572d ago

Celine Dion has a gawd awful voice? I can understand if you don't like the song, but her voice? Do you hate Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, too?

alycakes2572d ago

I hear you on that one.

DarkBlood2571d ago

im not boarding that sad depressing love story, cuz that reaaly hits me where i live lol

aDDicteD2570d ago

well.. it is that good though