Universal is Planning Another 'The Mummy' Reboot

From TMP:

Looks like Universal Pictures is planning on rebooting The Mummy franchise yet again and have brought a writer to pen the script of the which will most likely relaunch the franchise.

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DarkBlood3357d ago

i wonder if it will be darker n so forth

the mummy movie when i was younger at the time had a mix of humour for me during what would normally be a scary ish moment

other then that its a great film, hope they do awsome with the reboot

darklordzor3356d ago

Yeah I loved the first film, and part of that was the humor they included. Even though it was at odd moments at times, it still worked and felt right for the film.

I'm sure this will have a darker tone and get back more to it's 'horror' roots.

aDDicteD3355d ago

that's true, the humor of that film help on making it a good movie. if this reboot is darker well i think it will also work but still i think they will also put in a little humor to feel a little of the mummy classic on it

Soldierone3357d ago

I don't understand why things need to be reboots all the time.

I mean honestly we as movie goers are not stupid. The worsed is when they do it for comics. We know how Spider-Man came to be, we know Batman lost his parents, we know this and that. I mean sure Nolan and such do a good creative job of twisting it around to be interesting, but overall its the same story.

I don't care if its darker, or has better visuals....just tell me a different story.

alycakes3356d ago

That's what I say....deliver us a different story. It seems as though they just want the easy way out. I want something original that will just knock me off my feet.

hazelamy3356d ago

i guess it's a way of getting new people into the franchise, so they don't have to be concerned with knowing what happened in the previous films.
they do it in comics, dc did it with the new 52, marvel did it with the ultimate universe, though they did that in addition to the regular books, not as a replacement.

anyway, i expect i'll go see the new movie.

Soldierone3355d ago

That the thing. DC did reboot things with the new 52, but if you look at it they are not treating their readers like they are stupid. They have a basis and didn't go through explaining every last detail, and are not re telling the same stories. I'm enjoying the new 52, but its not an origin reboot entirely. You still need a grasp on the characters to understand some of the stories.

aDDicteD3355d ago

i agree on that but maybe one of the reasons behind those is that they wanted to make it better. like spiderman 3 was a downer, batman forever and batman & robin was a joke. reboots were made to make it even better. for me it's ok cause when you are a fan you'll be either praising the new one or it'll be just a dissapointment

Soldierone3355d ago

See that is fine with me. They want to get away from a bad film, thats fine. The problem is why do we need to sit through the same story again just because they messed up?

It's like getting excited "ooh they might finally get to this story" then they mess up and we have to start all over again entirely...Here is how Spider-man got bit, etc...

To me simply going from Spider-man to The Amazing Spider-Man is enough to tell me this is a new story...I mean Amazing Spider-man has some basis to reboot, since its going back to Gwen, but other than that?

Blink_443356d ago

never liked any of the mummy movies really

-MD-3355d ago

Same here, I could never get into any of them.

MinimeJer053356d ago

I'm really hoping they return to the true roots of the character and give us something more dark instead of another Indiana Jones knock-off. That being said, I didn't mind Sommers The Mummy as a mindless action flick.

Lord_Sloth3356d ago

Why reboot it? Why not just make a NEW film? Scary concept, I know...

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