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'Hunger Games' Director Gary Ross in Tough Negotiation for Sequel

THR says

Now that The Hunger Games is a hit with more than $363 million in the till, the question is whether writer-director Gary Ross will return for the next installment in the lucrative Lionsgate franchise.

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Crazay3362d ago

I'm not saying that he did a poor job on the movie. In fact I thought he did a really good job on it but maybe it's not a bad thing for him to step aside. I'd like less shaky came and few up tight shots..Unless they're on Katniss.

DarkBlood3362d ago

well i would put him back on the project simply for what he brought in for the film and since i would know what to expect of the next film in terms of me liking the first i would know it to be a surefire success

Crazay3362d ago

ya for sure man but his direction brought way too much shaky cam to the table and truthfully, half of it was completely unnecessary. That drove me nuts at the beginning when they were going through the reaping.

DarkBlood3362d ago

true theres always room for changing the way he directs the next one if he opens up room for listening to fans but i think only hardcore movie fans could voice such an opinion cant really expect the casual audience to say anything lol