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Breaking the Trend: Why Gary Ross' Take on The Hunger Games Trumps the Novel

Alex Osborn from GameZone writes: "Let's face it, filmmakers have one heck of a challenge when they take on an already well-established franchise, as fans of the series already have their own expectations of what it should look like. The beauty of a written story lies in its ability to tap into one's creative mind and conjure up images that are virtually impossible to replicate on the silver screen. That is why I was left dumbfounded after watching Gary Ross' take on The Hunger Games, a film that not only stands toe-to-toe with Suzanne Collins' original work, but surpasses it in many respects."

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darklordzor3362d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say it trumps the novel. There are aspects of the novel that just couldn't be portrayed properly on film because of the first-person narrative. Such as Katniss' romance with Peeta in order to save his life, and the muttations.

However, I will say that Gary Ross made the best possible adaptation of the book as is possible. I don't think it could have been done any better than it was.

alexcosborn3362d ago

Well said.

I just go one step further and say that I found the film more enjoyable than the book.

Are there differences? Yes. Are there things left out? Yes. Is the movie better as a result? Yes.

Lucretia3360d ago

my one gripe with the film (I did love the film)

is that they used crappy shaky camera for the fights, I'd like to see fluid choreography next time

Johnny Jiron3360d ago

Yeah that was my only dislike of the film as well. However, I think it may have been done to hide some of the violence in order to obtain a PG13 rating while still involving deaths of children.

GamerSciz3360d ago

My most hated scene was when Katniss doesn't keep her composure after Rue dies. I mean she screams while in the woods and there are still people trying to kill her. It went completely against the idea of being quiet and stealthy to survive. Second thing they messed up was Katniss found water right away. They could have easily made her seem like she was dying for thirst and then found the water.

Personally the movie wasn't bad but since I read the book I felt like too much was left out or changed. People who don't read the book (friends of mine) have admitted to not understanding everything or who everyone was...

alexcosborn3360d ago

Yeah, the shaky cam was definitely used to keep it PG13. I liked the way it was done though - more of an emphasis on story and character development over big choreographed action scenes makes the film a win for me.

alexcosborn3360d ago

If they were to truly convey her desperation and thirst, it would have taken a decent chunk of time, tacking on several extra minutes that I don't really feel are necessary. It was an easy - and successful way IMO - to speed the narrative along and maintain the integrity of the original story.

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Soldierone3360d ago

Well after reading above, going to see this movie for sure. haha