20 Amazing Things You May Have Forgotten About American Pie

CB says

This week's American Reunion, coming out many years after the "American Pie" moniker stopped being synonymous with cutting-edge raunchy comedy, is appealing to a very specific kind of nostalgia, in a very specific demographic: mine. I was 15 years old when the original American Pie came out, the exact age to be properly intrigued by an R-rated comedy about high schoolers, and as much as I thought I was too good for the raunchiest at the time, I remember Stifler and Jim and Michelle the band geek as well as if they were my own classmates. The details may have faded over time, but they'll always be people I remember fondly.

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MinimeJer052570d ago

Amazing and American Pie should never been in the same title. Good write up though.

SnakeCQC2570d ago

amazing fact most people don't know there have been like a hundred spinoffs