First Clip From The Avengers: Black Widow Beats Some Moron Ass

Bleeeding Cool says

As expected, here’s a scene in which Natasha Romanoff sets about some nasties with only her close-quarters fighting skills and a chair to help her.

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Crazay2574d ago

Has there been any talk at all about wether or not she'll be getting her own movie? I mean the girl is hot and can kick some major ass so you have to know it's going to sell tickets.

Thatguy-3102573d ago

the hairwhip shot was kind of cheesy !! other than that she pretty much kicks ass.

darklordzor2574d ago

Not a bad clip really and kind of funny. I love how Coulson actually waits on the other end of the line while she beats up the guys.

Crazay2574d ago

I like that part too. Was pretty awesome.

darklordzor2574d ago

Yeah I'm thinking this probably is somewhere near the beginning of the film. I think this could likely be her 'intro' to the film.