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LRA: The Raid Redemption - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: This movie is a gut punch to every other so-called action movie to come out in the past few years. I know it is a popular comment to make at the moment in regards to this film but this truly is one of the best all out action films in a good many years. Does that make it the best action film of all time? Hell no, I don't think there is one all conclusive action film to end all action films. Each has their own qualities to them, going over my own collection of films it is actually very difficult to single out any of them for being solely considered an action film with the one possible exception of something like the original Die Hard (the lesser sequels not withstanding). I find myself looking over and seeing things like Kill Bill Vol. 1 or even an oldie but a goodie such as the immortal Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. The common theme amongst all those films I just sited is that they aren't all balls to the walls action flicks and they all do something slightly different than the other. The Raid joins the lofty ranks of those films by providing one of the most intense, brutal, unrelenting and ridiculously exhausting displays of ass-kicking I have ever seen.

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darklordzor3365d ago

I can't wait to freaking watch this. I've been interested since word first started trickling out about the film. I love martial arts and martial art movies.