Daniel Craig: 'I'll Keep Going as James Bond'

BBC says

James Bond star Daniel Craig has said that he will continue to play the British spy for as long as he can.

The star - who is reprising the role for a third time in the latest film Skyfall - told the BBC he would "keep going until they tell me to stop".

He admitted there were big expectations for the film to be a success with the Bond franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

However, he said the team were "going to put on a good show".

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Crazay2576d ago

I'm not a Bond fan by any stretch of the term but people I know who are say he's the best one since Connery.

darklordzor2575d ago

I hate to say it...but I still haven't watched any of the two Bond films with him in it. I used to be a big Bond fan but the last couple outings before Daniel Craig really put me off the franchise. I know I need to watch them, but I haven't worked up the gumption to do so.

I will say that if he's good and can keep going, why not let him do as many as he can?

alycakes2574d ago

I can't believe you haven't seen either one of his Bond movies. You should see them before this next one comes out. He really is good and he really is better than any of the others except for Connery.

I think he just gave Bond a more natural edge to the character and made him a little more human too. I hope he continues to surprise me with this next one the way he has with his first two.

darklordzor2574d ago

Yeah I know, it's shameful. I'm hoping to knock them out before long but definitely before Skyfall comes out.

FatGayandbald2574d ago

I like him but he doesn`t work for the bond films or maybe its because the bond films just arn`t as good as the old ones and have become more serious and less gizmos.