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"Tonight You're Mine" West Coast Premiere To Kick-Off Coachella Music Festival Weekend

The Coachella Music Festival is know for many things, including: 1. A great line-up of musical talents 2. Being a weekend long party 3. Causing insane amounts of traffic across the desert, and 4. Attempting to re-vive the spirit of Woodstock, each and every year since its inception. One thing Coachella has never been known for is movies--until now. The night before the music-inspired partying begins Roadside Attractions and Filter Magazine will have the West Coast Premiere of Director David Mackenzie's film "Tonight You're Mine", starring Adam Treadway ("Attack the Block", "Clash of the Titans") and Natalia Tena ("Game of Thrones", "Harry Potter", co-founder of Molotov Jukebox).

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